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Artist Spotlight:  Matt Harmon

In his latest album, Take Your Time, Matt Harmon takes a few million steps back from his usual vantage point to give us the one-billion-foot view of things on earth: as they were, as they are, and as they could be.  The songs in this album make the listener feel like a small speck in some greater interstellar scheme while at the same time feeling connected with the “giant beating heart” around which we all spin.  But don’t worry folks despite the cosmic motif of this album, Take Your Time still has all those quintessential elements of a Matt Harmon record:  new vocabulary words, a sense of humor, and a sprinkling of optimism.  And if you listen close enough, you might just find some wise themes to live by:  take your time, pay attention, and find some peace. Because as Matt says “on the cosmological scale, after all, we get just a moment.”

Album available for purchase at www.mattharmonmusic.com

Album art by Mat Tonti

Check out a great video of the album artwork in action here:




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