The End of a Chapter

On Thursday, 10/24, we will be having our 18th and final CLE Songwriter Series.  The event has been a great experience for local songwriters, local music lovers, and last but not least myself.  It has been amazing to have a front row seat every month to watch local musicians share a piece of themselves with total strangers.  I have been a fan of local music for a long time, but mc’ing this event each month has taken that appreciation to a new level.

A special thank you to the team and CLE Urban Winery for hosting this event for the last 2 years.  They have been an absolute dream to work with.  I hope they continue their success as a local business and their incredible support of the local music and art community.

Stay tuned for future ideas and events from NEOMSC.


Road Trip Review

Road Trip Review:  Matt Harmon, Take Your Time


In his latest album, Take Your Time, Matt Harmon takes a few million steps back from his usual vantage point to give us the one-billion-foot view of things on earth: as they were, as they are, and as they could be.  The songs in this album make the listener feel like a small speck in some greater interstellar scheme while at the same time feeling connected with the “giant beating heart” around which we all spin.  But don’t worry folks despite the cosmic motif of this album, Take Your Time still has all those quintessential elements of a Matt Harmon record:  new vocabulary words, a sense of humor, and a sprinkling of optimism.  And if you listen close enough, you might just find some wise themes to live by:  take your time, pay attention, and find some peace. Because as Matt says “on the cosmological scale, after all, we get just a moment.”

Album available for purchase at

Album art by Mat Tonti

Check out a great video of the album artwork in action here:

February Events

A few things you should know about in February:

  • We will be having our monthly Songwriter Series at CLE Urban Winery on February 21st from 7:00-9:30.  It should be a good one this month with a nice mix of CLE veterans and newcomers
    • Jerry Slea
    • Molly AH
    • Big Jul Green
    • Bob Sammon
  • We will also be having our normal songwriter circle at Perkatory Coffee Shop on February 25th from 7:00-10:00.  Bring your new or in progress songs.

Hope to see you sometime in February!

Artist Spotlight: The Chestertons

The Chestertons is a band from Cleveland, OH that explores the often unexplainable mysteries of the heart through passionate, guitar-based rock and roll. Formed by Kevin Bianchi and Brian Bianchi, they have been pursuing introspective songwriting for over a decade. Since 2015, the Chestertons have been joined by multi-instrumentalist Justin Hartman and Rob Wynne on drums. Following a solo project from Kevin Bianchi, the Chestertons went to work exploring a new musical language that is both introspective and universal. It approaches mystery as both a starting point and a conclusion. Drawn to many divergent sources of influence, textures of British Post Punk and Indie Rock can be discovered in their songs.
The Chestertons released their most recent single ‘Big Life’ mixed by Grammy-nominated musician Dave Douglas (Relient K), in December of 2018. The single has received strong reviews and consistent regional radio support. Through it all, the Chestertons remain committed to delivering authentic and inspiring performances that connect with each listener.
Their new album, Into the Unknown, drops on 12/21/18.  You can attend their album release party at Coda.
Band Members:
Kevin Bianchi: Vocals and Guitar
Brian Bianchi: Guitar
Justin Hartman: Bass
Rob Wynne: Drums

December Events

Hey all, please note that there will be no 4th Monday Songwriter Circle in December as that date falls on Christmas Eve.  All other events will still be happening.  Have a great holiday season and may you get some new material for songs!

Monday 12/3, Songwriter Summit

Monday 12/10, Cleveland Songwriters Meeting

Sunday 12/16, Sanctuary Concert XII: The Finale

Thursday 12/20, CLE Songwriter Series at CLE Urban Winery